Where modesty is more than what you wear. It’s a way of life!

Welcome to Keepers at Home Boutique!

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Our family-run business consists of Janice (owner & mother) and a few of her daughters, Clara, Liberty, Martha & Ruby Mae.

Janice began sewing seriously when she was pregnant with her first child, making maternity clothes to save money and then creating matching mother/daughter outfits for herself and her girls. Folks would comment on their outfits and began asking Janice to sew for them. Janice then, began a small business out of her home back in the early 90's called "Jumpers by Janice". "My daughters were wonderful little models", says Janice. After moving out of her home town in PA to Spartanburg, SC with the love of her life and 9 of 10 kids, she stopped sewing due to settling into a "new life". A couple years after moving, Emma, found a sewing machine in the shed one day and decided she wanted to pick up sewing herself! After getting some alteration requests from locals we decided to start the business back up and renamed it "Keepers at Home" based on Titus 2:3-5. K.A.H. now has 4 of 7 daughters who love contributing their part in the business as well as Mama! Please enjoy reading about just what part each of the team has in this boutique!


Janice (Mother, Owner, Master Seamstress)

Janice is a full time wife, mother to 10 and grandmother to 8. In April of 2022, she celebrated her retirement of 30 years in homeschooling all 10 of her children the whole way through!. She is an amazing seamstress and is a big part in the custom work department at the studio.


Clara (Master Seamstress, Clothing Designer, Model)

Clara is 26 years old and you'll often find her doing something outside, practicing her bass, and making clothing for herself! She is Janice's right-hand seamstress.


Liberty (Seamstress, Skirt Designer, Creator of My Favorite Things, Model)

Liberty 20 years old. In July of 2021, she opened the "My Favorite Things" collection (a.k.a. MFT) and all who know her well know that she loves writing caligraphy, piano playing, and refurbishing decor (making old things new)! She is awesome!


Martha (Photographer, Media Production)

Martha is 19 years old. She loves playing the piano, singing and photography! She graduated high school, class of 2021 + is currently taking online photography classes as she continues working with the rest of the team, working with the media production (photography, website + Sea-Gals vlog) for KAH.


Ruby Mae (Seamstress, Model)

Ruby Mae is 17 years old and enjoys singing, spending time in the great outdoors + writing encouraging letters to others! The team is very proud of her + likes to call her the upcoming "master seamstress" due to her, designing + making her own dresses. She also specializes in making our "Hair Huggers”. There's not much that Ruby doesn't do for the shop. She is a very big help wherever she's needed!